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here's the breakdown


We charge for the lane usage, firearm rentals, ammunition, and targets. Your bill depends on how much ammo, targets and firearm rentals you use.  


The lane fee is what we charge each person just to use our facility. On top of that, you will be charged for each gun you decide to rent, targets used and the amount of ammo you decide to purchase. Pricing can vary with each gun rental and ammo calibers. All the ammo that we sell is factory new. No reloads. We offer a variety of ammo brands, grains and calibers. We base our pricing by market value. All of our current pricing for gun rentals and ammo is clearly displayed at our facility. Our staff will go over pricing with you before you pay.  

Absolutely no outside ammo allowed. Bullpup shotguns, AR pistols and .22's are not allowed in our range. No exceptions.

Image by David Levêque

lane fee

  • 1st person $24, 2nd person $12 (flat fee for 1 hour 30 minutes per lane) 

  • Only two people max per lane. If more than two people you must get additional lanes. The fees repeat themselves for each additional person.

Gun rentals, targets & ammo

  • Gun Rentals:  $10.00 to $30.00 per firearm. Price varies depending on firearm. (all firearm rentals must use Los Angeles Gun Club ammunition)

  • Handgun ammunition prices starting at $24.98 (50 rounds per box)

  • Rifle ammunition prices range from $14.98 to $39.98

  • Small targets are 45 cents each and large targets are 85 cents each. There are over 20 to choose from.

  • LAGC does not sell ammo to go. By California law, any ammo purchased from us must all be used inside our facility. No outside ammo is allowed to be brought or used in the range. No exceptions.

Image by Jay Rembert
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